Trust your intuition and success will follow

Thank you for seeing the vision in The Believers Level Up Share Group!  You have joined a community of like-minded individuals that supports, empowers and motivates one another to go after their goals, dreams and aspirations.  As a part of our Community, you will now have access to the following:

1. Members Only Chat Room  

2. Access to our Members Only Business Directory

3. Weekly Financial Literacy Workshops (Live and Pre-recorded)



Next Steps: 

1.Now that you have sown your seed, download the Discord App and create an account. 

2. Join the group using the link from your water----à Discord Access Link




A Gift Tax Letter is available for your records.  You have two options in completing the Gift Tax Letter.

1.     Each time you sow your seed gift, complete the letter and send to your Water. (This option yields 13 letters in a year)

2.     On your last gifting date, complete the Gift Tax Letter to include the total amount you gifted for the year and send to your Water. (This option yields one (1) letter a year.)

*Whichever option you choose, your Water will then sign their portion and send it back to you for your records.  The letter is located in our Files section in our chat room.


Now it’s time to watch your flower bloom.  



Day 1: Week1 Thursday –Receive welcome text and send confirmation text to Your Water. Sow your seed gift of $50 to the water. Record your flower. You are FIRE. 

Day 7: Week 2 Thursday- your invites join by sowing their seed gift of $50 to their water. You are AIR.

Day 14: Week 3 Thursday- relax, check in with your people. Update flower. You are EARTH.

Day 21: Week 4/ Week 1 Thursday- Receive your $400 harvest, level up and sow $250 back to your same water, keep $150. You are WATER & FIRE. Update flower.

Day 28: Week 2 Thursday- relax, check in with your people. AIR

Day 35: Week 3 Thursday- relax EARTH

Day 42: Week 4/ week1 Thursday- Receive $2000 Harvest, final level up and sow $750 back to your same water, keep $1250. WATER & FIRE

Day 49: Week 2 Thursday- relax. AIR

Day 56: Week 3 Thursday- relax. EARTH

Day 63: Week 4/1 Thursday- Receive $6000 Harvest, re-sow $750 to your same water, keep $5250. WATER & FIRE



Week 2- relax

Week 3- relax

Week 4/wk1 Thursday- Receive $6000 Harvest, re-sow $750 to your same water, keep $5250.


Perpetual cycle!


Quick Overview:


Your “Water” will send you a thank you text once the gift has been received.  Now it’s time to grow your Lotus flower.  The following week, two Fires will join the and you will move to “Air”.  Week three (3), the two people you invited will invite their two (2) Fires each and you will move to Earth.  Week four (4) YOU ARE NOW WATER!!!!  Those four (4) Fires will invite their two (2) Fires each and those eight (8) Fires will each sow their seed gift to you.  On that same day you will sow your seed gift and become Fire again. CONGRATULATIONS.YOU HAVE NOW REAPED YOUR HARVEST. Now start the cycle to the final level up. 


Use the documents attached to keep up with your friends and family in your flower and your Water/Fire dates. 


I hope that this initiative blesses you and your family and helps you to create generational wealth!


Peace and Blessing,

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